down in my eyes
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2003-06-17 00:42:30 (UTC)

Censor This.

"I'm trying to hold on to what i can
but, It's falling apart in my hand"


I drove 40 miles just so i could come on here, 'n use
the internet. Okay, maybe not forty. but, i might as
well have.

& a few hours ago, on my way to pick up some parts for
the shop, a police officer pulled me over 'n gave me a
ticket- for not wearing my seat belt! Stupid old,
lousy bastard. Doesn't that dork have anything better
to do, than give Me a Fucking ticket?!? Like, go
fight crime. Or, give a ticket to someone who
Deserves one, someone doing something WRONG. Atleast,
go eat a fucken Donut,... or Something. That DAMN
dirty jerk pisses the balls outta me. Seriously.

& to you. The One knows who you are. ...I would
rather not bring myself to this point. But, you'll
prolly never even read this, anyway. If you are... I
hate you. I hate you, & when you claim you never
cared, Why the piss do you keep coming here, to my
puney little diary, anyways..? DON'T say it's to make
me feel worse. I Won't accept that. I Know you have
more reasons beneath that.

I've had TOO much patience with you. Much too much.
I still miss the Old you, but, obviously, that person
was someone i never knew, anyway. A part of you that
never existed. How DARE you tell me to go away.
How dare you tell me, to disappear. In any case, i
wish you'd vanish, just as easily.
I don't mean to hurt you, but maybe i should.

On second thought, i'd rather not.

Don't ja remember when you told me that your other,
wasn't the One? & you were SO confident? & that was
so LONG ago, wasn't it? Oh, nevermind. It's too
pointless to speak with you. You've Chosen to edit
Every Inch of you i thought i knew, onto the cutting
room floor. It makes me feel so violated, i still
want to cry. So, go suck your balls. Or, go get your
candy coated other, to do so.

Censor That.

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