The Muffin Man

My Favorite Courdaroys
2003-06-16 19:30:45 (UTC)

Freaking Out

I had a concert on Saturday. And I looked out and saw this
girl that looked just like trika. It freaked the hell out
of me. I went pale and it was just awful. So I calmed
myself down somehow and convinced myself it wasnt trika.
Which it wasnt. But i just saw this girl and my heart fell
into my stomach. I mean I know the two of us dont get
along at all. We dont even talk anymore. But it freaked
the hell out of me just to see someone who looked some much
like her. So i got home and stayed up for awhile. Then I
went to bed. Had the most fucked up dream. Trika showed up
at my door and was all like i want you back. I was like no
I have a girlfriend. Shes like I know you still love me.
And I said no I dont. Im over you. This went on for
awhile. Then I woke up. I havent slept well since. I
love alisha. Shes great and I wouldnt trade her for the