2003-06-16 17:12:18 (UTC)

Father's Day...

So yesterday was father's day. I bought my dad flowers
since I really don't know anything about what to get him.
(Kinda like the reverse of yesterday's Simpsons episode
where Homer didn't know anything about Lisa and hired a
private detective on her.) I know he like beer and the
lottery, but those are both bad habits of his that I
personally would really like if he would break. So I don't
want to encourage him. I got him 3 red roses instead. He
said it's not a thoughtful gift, they will die, and I
shouldn't have wasted my money. He requested 2 lotto
tickets from arthur and daniel. Danish got him like 10
extra ones. Boy was that father happy. He was scratching
all night. He neglected my roses.

But it was okay, cause we had this little father daughter
bonding moment, and where we went on the patio and played
chess. He won twice, and I won once. Which hasn't happened
in quite a while, and I was surprised cause I was dizzy
that whole day and I thought I'll definately lose now. But
I started actually thinking, and it helped, especially
since it was in the open air.

That was nice.