My Little World
2003-06-16 11:55:10 (UTC)

My Weekend....

Well, since people want to know how my weekend went, ...It
went pretty freakin' crappy. My Dad's best friend died on
friday afternoon.... Greg and Dad were down to Allen's
going fishing and they were walking up a hill. They all
decided to stop for a drink, so when my dad turned around
to give greg some bud spray, greg was on the ground. They
did CPR for 2 hours, but the doctors said that greg was
dead before he hit the ground. And because they
had taken gregs car down, Allen had to bring Dad back
home. So Allen came up on Friday with Dad and he spent the
night....SO yeah that was my weekend.... Basically trying
to decide why this would happen to Greg and Dad.... He has
been really really quiet about everything.

Yeah....and i want to say thanks for Lauren and Rachel for
being the first ones i talked to about it.. They made me
feel better and Lauren's given me some really good advice!
So thanks a bunch buddies....I dont know if i could have
gotten through the first couple of hours without knowing
they were there...
Later All

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