No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2003-06-16 06:26:26 (UTC)


Thank you to whoever said I had a nice web site....
Sorry entries are far, few and brief, but I have been out
and about lately, or doing something besides sitting
online..which is good.
Saturday night I went to Gatorland with Terry and Trish. We
rode Go Karts and played Mini Golf. I lost Mini Golf while
getting eaten ALIVE by misquitoes. They were really really
bad. While riding Go Karts, I ended up stuck behind this
guy who had a kid in his kart with him. He WOULDNT LET ME
PASS. I was getting aggrivated, but didnt try crap. It was
fun anyways.
I spent today at a cook-out with Terry's family
Terry will soon be Grocery Manager at Winn-Dixie. I'm proud
of him. I have been on his back about college, but if he
moves up as quickly as others, he'll be 3rd man or a main
manager soon. That is a career. Then, he wouldnt need
college. He'd have it made.
I'm gunna go...bye!

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