champagne supernova
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2003-06-16 05:31:25 (UTC)

talk to him

to make this short, had a wonderful weekend . great times.
th beach, the festies..(won female crew) yay! and of
course, denise won best actress( of course) i had the best
time today.and yesterdayso muhc fun, got a haircut, to
short, buit'sok i like it. but wow, today is fathers day
and since my dad isnt in my life, it was ahrd day. and i
have been cryin' up a river all night. ad sctt and i had
this huge conversation on whats going on in in the
boyfriend department/ never had a dad/ why i cant trust
the oppisite sex/ its not my dads fault, but its his
actions conversation tonite, and i had tears out the wazoo.
and i bobby have had rought times and its mostly been me
over reacting about stupid crap. and i and scott had this
looong talk about it all and i relized tonite that i nee to
talk to my dad. i need to start to learn hat it isnt
others wom i cant trust, i have always though i
trustedother peopl. after hours of thinking tonite it
completly dawned upon me i dont trust a single person and
that upsets me veryyy muhc. and i and scott alked and
talked and talked, and we decided after my many many tears,
i need to talk to him ( my dad) i need to close the book
onhim and start to open myslef to trust others. i cant eve
trust my boyfriend for godsakes. i ned to start living
wihtout resentment towards my dad. and where better else to
start by picking up the phone and calling? so i am going
to. and im going to let everything go that i have been
holding in since i was a little girl. and im going to do it
i am scared out of my mind. but im going to do
wish me luck

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