hello kitty cat
2003-06-16 04:51:17 (UTC)

the nite is coming to an end

Well I hung out with that guy Jaysin who was in town, he
really reminds me of my little brother, they ahve the same
habits...and they speak the same's really
strange. What's even more strange is that he came over in a
shirt that I actually picked out for Jason (my ex) when we
were still together...I don't know---Jaysin is a nice guy
but for someone who complains about being judged
constantly, he sure does judge other people a whole lot.
But I guess that's pretty common, to be a hypocrite about
being open minded, I do it sometimes myself. Stephanie and
Ashley jsut left to go to Stevey's...I feel bad cause he
leaves me messages all the time adn I forget to call him
back...oh well. I don't want to sleep alone tonight. I need
to fuckign get over that shit. I need to realize that
Mike's feelings for me are never giong to change, and that
I need to move on and stop compairing every fucking guy I
meet to him. I can't help but love him though. I wish he
felt the same way. I tried to go on a date the other day
and I cancled on the guy, cause I just don't feel right
doing it when I have such strong feelings for Mike. I'm not
going to. This is how I feel, so why try and change it
before I'm obviously ready to. I think in the end I just
want a family...I know I'm nuts...but it would be so nice...