Journey to Something
2003-06-16 02:14:34 (UTC)

Sunday, June 15, 2003

yeah, so ... i just received a nag e-mail saying i haven't
written an entry here in awhile ... and i guess this is a
good time to write one

i love emotion. it's weird. i'm always an emotional
roller coaster.

friday night i went to the movies with a couple friends.
that was great. i had a lot of fun. they're fun kids.
we played this one song that was perfect. it was raining
outside and the whole thing was entirely perfect i started
to cry.

last night i went to our drama club bbq party. that was
tons of fun.

now it's sunday night, i'm online downloading a song for
my mom when i should be studying for my social studies
final that i have tomorrow morning.

this is a boring-ass entry, but i'm bored right now and
her song is done so i'm gonna go.

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