the secret life of me.
2003-06-15 22:40:12 (UTC)

Happy father's day...

oh lordy I am soooo tired! I stayed up until about 1:30
last night talking to Page and Alex. I can't believe it, but
Page is leaving tonight to go to the east coast for 6
weeks!! I can't even imagine ONE week without talking
to her every single day!! I will also be gone (AT CAMP!!
YEYYYY!!) for 4 of those 6 weeks, but ya know...
whatever. Anyways, I woke up early today to make
breakfast for my dad before he left for work. French
toast and fruit... yummy. I ended up eating a lot of the
food I made him (hehe).

Well, it turns out I really DID make things worse trying to
solve Eva, Dylan, and Stacy's fight. Now Eva is pissed
at me too!! Damn I was only tryin to help... but
apparently it didn't work :-(. Ya know what?? I'm never
solving anyones problems again!! Especially not their's
cuz this is wayyy too confusing for me now! Sorry but
ya'll are either gonna have to apoligize, or not be friends
ever again! ok whatever it isn't really my buisiness so
i'm shutting up now.

Ahhh I am so happy to finally be done with 'the wall'!!!
yeah yeah i know that it was due 2 weeks ago, AND
school's already out but whatever.... I was smooshing
flies and getting tan and fit while all of you guys were
inside working on that damn project!!! I am very proud
of my 15 pages (humf see if i care that you have 54
pages not double-spaced!). I just hope Mr.
Shellhumper (OH I'M SO SORRY! mr. shellhammer)
will actually grade my paper.... he already sent my mom
a really biotchy e-mail.

hmm. food sounds good right now.

bye bye!