SuGaR RuSh
2003-06-15 21:06:39 (UTC)


summer is boring so wat..its like 3 days in2 it
and im already complain'...i havent really dun ne
thing...went 2 eat @ a place where they cook the food in
front of u...i went there w/ jd's rents, that was
fun...hmm...i worked....and worked...and goin 2 heathers grad party in
like an hour w/ gunna go...ill write later
fuk yaz later

Too Many People Sharing Party Lines
Too Many People Never Sleeping Late
Too Many People Paying Parking Fines
Too Many Hungry People Losing Weight

That Was Your First Mistake
You Took Your Lucky Break And Broke It In Two
Now What Can Be Done For You
You Broke It In Two

Too Many People Preaching Practices
Don't Let Them Tell You What You Wanna Be
Too Many People Holding Back, This Is
Crazy And Maybe It's Not Like Me