Hannah Rose Cherry

Hannah's Screwed life(go figure)
2003-06-15 17:11:08 (UTC)

head hurts

Ive had this headache for like 3 days str8 now and it's
really pissin me off. i'm getting all dizzy all the time
and shit, i dunno why. I had my 1st swim meet inna while
yesterday and i dont think i could have done worse. I'm so
out of shape from the whole surgery things and i feel
really bad, ugh. wtvr though i'll get back in shape soon
enough. I had this school dance the other night and to my
surprise it was actually really fun. I was grindin with all
my guy friends and even my girl friend lisa heh. the music
was'nt that bad, they had a dj from hot 99.5(radio station)
come and play music and so it was all good and all...me and
lisa were all goth together and it was fun to see what
evoryone els was warein. I dyed lisa's hair black and we
were both warein all black dressed and black makeup and
evorything it was cool. people actually said we looked nice
heh. tomorrow for school were goin to six flags and that'l
be cool even though i'm soooo scared of heights, ah. i
alwyas force myself to go on roller coasters just for the
adrenallin rush it feels so nice right? becca has'nt been
at my house inna few weeks and it's so weird not haveing
her here not to mention lonely, lol. my mom got back from
her week vacca and i'm really pised she's back. i did'nt
miss her being gone at all, even though my dad was a bit
phsycotic it was nice not haveing 2 paretns at once all
over me.the other day i wen to this concert with lisa and
it was cool becuase her 20 yr old aunt took us and she was
really nice and the music was pretty good. we saw Henry
Rollins band, but they played Black flag music and even tho
i did'nt know any of the songs or anything it was good. the
whole concert was to support the west memphis 3 trials and
it was really cool there were a lot fo supporters there. I
bet they made a lot of money, there were a whole lot of
people there.at least i hope they raised a lot... today is
fathers day and i got my dad the new Santana cd which he
really wants so thats cool i guess esp becuase i did'nt
have to pay for it.I was compleatly broke so my mom baught
it heh, i'll pay her back for it tho cuz id feel bad if i
did'nt. well seriously my head really hurts so i'm goin to
go take more asprin...

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