Happy Noodle Boy Rox!
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2003-06-15 16:28:45 (UTC)


its quite funny how people can change so fast i woke up
this morning thinking that and my thoughts are scattered
like ashes thrown into the winds and i think of peter
i dont even know him but he being a prime example
haha prime
prime rib
chow doesnt eat meat
a few months ago i went to dreamworld and peter and dao
and them were all cutesy dressed up crazy punk running
into things and they were kids and now peters on his own
he has to mature so quickly did it to himself poor guy
its just weird
and i cant stop time and chow had some good philosophy in
his email and i dont even do that anymore it used to be a
part of me and know god knows what i am im just playing
with my mind i dont know what im doing or maybe i just say
that cause it sounds poetic hopefully more later happy
fathers day