apfel diary
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2003-06-15 10:41:19 (UTC)

it is father s day today.i was..

it is father's day today.i was surprise that my dad was
willing go to church with me in this morning.i should have
worked at church,but the pastor asked me accompany my dad
there.asked another sister/brother on duty for me
there.thanks them alot.hehe..
this is my dad first time to come to my church.and this
time,it got a foreigner pastor speaking god's words to
us.hm..it would be the last time he come to our church.cos
he is going back to canada.my dad paid all attention on
him.glad to see that.
finished the church,my dad and i went to chinese resturant
to have a lunch.my mom had been waiting for us there.my sis was
hanging out with her friend.left us alone,so bad.hehe
At nite,my mom lazy to cook anything like me.and my dad didnt wanna
go out to buy something to eat.sigh..i think they all lazy
to do anything.lol dont blame me,all lazy i have ,just learn from
them. sigh,dad told me that he is hungry.it
sounds like he want me cook something to him.as it is
father's day,i cooked for him.dont ask me cook again in
next time.lol cos im super lazy and..after cooking,my hands
been shaky.as you know,i rarely cooking.lol but..u know,my
dad said it is yummy.asked me how can i cook it so
good.keke.. cough..of cos,this is what i cooked,certainly
it is very great.LOL