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2003-06-15 08:15:27 (UTC)

Ever have....

Dear diary,

Ever have that feeling in your stomach that a guy you like
is doing sumthing else with another chick? I've got that
right now. I don't know if it's real, or if it's just
because of the stress. I'm so fucking worried right now.
And I can tell you that if I do lose Brandon to another
chick, I'm packing my shit and getting the fuck outta this
town. I'll go stay in Sanger for a while, until I can
afford my place. I can't take that kind of hurt anymore. I
like Brandon way to much. And it always ends up with me in
pain and with the guy with another chick. I dunno. All i
know is that I'm on the verge of crying and shit. I hate


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