2003-06-15 05:06:21 (UTC)

An update.

been a while hasn't it.
Here's an update on how things are going.

1. The last entry in here was only a possibility of what
could've happened. My mom is still living w/ us (thank
god) and car pools with some other people. I was under a
lot of stress at the time and overreacted. It's
2. I'm going to leave the clinic mid/late July. I can't
handle 30 some odd hours on minimum wage. No fucking way.
3. I'm in school. Clinical Massage Therapy. No, I'm not
kidding. Still in the first quarter (started April) and
it's a 1-2 year program, so far, i'm in the 1 yr.
4. I have my liscence and my own car. There's a parrot
hanging from my mirror. :D
5. Boys are stupid. 'Nuff said.

My life has pretty much done a total U-turn since high-
school. I actually wear colors when I'm in a good mood
(when i'm not pms-ing) and I've gained a lot more self-
confidence... sort of. I've been in a mood recently. You
would be too if you felt like you were used like a ten
cent whore.
I'm in martial arts too- just broke my first board last
Friday. Testing for my orange belt in August. (That's
where the confidence comes from.)
I was going to put in here an idea i was thinking about-
dating another chick, but I deleted it. I don't think I'd
be able to mainly becuase I like flat chests and muscles.
Butch-chicks scare me, so that's out. I doubt I'd be able
to deal with another woman's thought process also (Becca
doesn't count I've known her since grade school). I
already know *I'm* a giant contridiction, I don't need to
deal with another one. -_-()
I've been overly stressed lately and I'm hoping it's PMS.
We'll see within the next week or so if it's something not
good, or hell it could be becuase of the vet. I found out
yesterday evening that I almost got stuck doing a whole
week by myself. Half of that week would've been mornings
too- with school that's always fun. It turns out I'm only
doing the last half of the week and two mornings, so I
guess it's not so bad. It still pisses me off though that
they would've dumped that on me if it weren't for Dawn.
Dawn's been the best boss I could imagine. She kicks
serious ass. :D
Well, I'm going to try going on 3am theater's site again.
I love kid nikki's doujin :)