No Excuses

Pillow Of Your Bones
2003-06-15 03:20:54 (UTC)


wow. doesnt it suck?
my head is pounding...its really starting to get to me
[not just the headache]. agh!
i saw hollywood homicide :). it was good...i had fun.
stupid fucking walmart...sad lil male beta fish. anyone
w.any compassion whatsoever should be completely apalled
at the condition of those poor creatures. it even got to
keeley (doesnt help that she saw finding nemo! lmao). they
keep them in these lil plastic cups that are FILTHY. there
are 55 selling for $2.50 each. i went there w.laura the
day before mothers day...the same ones are still there now-
the day before fathers day...coincidence? lol-its sick. at
least 1/2 of them are dead...or will be by monday. its so
fucking sad. what a way to die! slowly suffocating to
death bc ur water is stale and full of ur own SHIT.
imagine living in a bowl of shit. god. i cant believe it.
i cried. seriously.
doesnt help i was already in a BAD mood. well...not
bad...SAD. *sigh* too many upsetting things on my mind. i
should prolly get em out (in the OTHER diary :P) but im
too 11 pm!...its not really a lot...just 5 can such a small number be so BIG?!
imma go read or something.

**kerri is a loser!!**



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