champagne supernova
2003-06-15 00:20:03 (UTC)


so the banquet is tonite, which is cool, i hope manny can
make it, i miss him so much. its gonna be so fun tonite.
and iguess a whole group of us are going out to seal beach
afterwards which sounds good to me. im gonna freeze my butt
off, but oh well. it's all in good fun . i hope eveyrone
wins what they deseve. i really have been up racking my
brain over whos onna get what this uear. and ow, i relized
we have got alot of talented people in this group that
deseve these awards. i honestly voted this year by who i
thought should get what. by the amount they put in anhd by
the talent they've shown. also, moving is cmming up here
soon so i have to keep on packing. its sorta fun casue u
reminise throught your old memories. i foud some papers
from freshman year.. what a hoot. and i killed about 7
spiders. one even crawled up my scared the shit
out of me. and of course. im leaving for virginia in 2
weeks exatl today...soooo nervous. i really am. oh god,
i cant wait.!!!! im gonna mis you us! but wow... i cant
wait! and to know that all of us has been juniors are now
seniors scares me even more. uggg... wow... prettty scay.
my butt is about to get thrown into a whole new life and im
soo nervous/ excited!!! but anyways its time to get ready
to go to banquet so i willbe going now! talk.. no , see
you all tonite! and good luck!!!