mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2003-06-14 23:29:55 (UTC)

Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Ok, I have been doin some online research into ODD, you see
mystepson has ODD & ADHD , a very volitile combination. My
stepdaughter has adhd, and that can be a handful at times
but I am now only just starting to see what is going on in
my stepson's mind.
ODD makes him about as oppositional and defiant as could
be. he isnt the worst case, but I do see things that
are "standard symptoms" - he is doin his best to wear his
mom and I out, to cause conflict between us , one of the
major symptoms is tha children with odd have the inherant
knowledge to know just what buttons to push to start a
battle. I sent the pamphlet to my wife as well, hoping she
will read it and see that I truly do love her I am just
very confused as to how to deal with the situation at hand.
I am now trying to just let things go with mike, and see
what happens. I need to learn to pick my battles and I hope
we can get some peace here soon. please Lisa, believe that
I do love you and the kids. With proper therapy, I know we
can work this out. after reading the info i found it
appears that eventually mike will outgrow this, but he will
most likely need medication as well. If there are any other
parents out there who see this and have a child with ODD,
please reply and help me and my lovely wife to get through
this very trying time. Thank you very much.

Lisa Catherine Zander, I Andrew Joseph Zander Love you
with all my heart & all my soul both now, and forever.....