My Gay Misadventures
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2003-06-14 19:18:59 (UTC)

Post-Friday the 13th

Well for the sake of updateing, I might as well add what
happend on that famed day. It all started in the wee
morning (2am-ish) Where I was looking through some
profiles, and saw this cutie that lived in SA...I IMed him,
and later through the conversation, I relized he was none
other then some annoying bastard i grew to hate in the
past. We did have a lot in common though, and he's actually
on my buddy list now.
As for the day itself, It was rainy all day. I went
walking to the store, and got caught in it...then it got
humid as a mutha fuka...plus i got lost...so that was a
blah....It rained REAL heavy later on, So i went walking
again, getting soaked to the Bone. much fun was had. But
the storm did cause the power to go out for a few
hours...which really sucked (and was really boreing) It
also ment I couldnt watch any Friday the 13th movies since
my Tv had gone out...curses...CURSES!
As for Pony, still a no show. Everytime i mention
something serious, he gets all weirded out. Blah. He doesnt
bother me as much anymore. I have other people to keep me
Anywho, The Girls are here this weekend, and Fathers day
is Sunday (Blasted!)...I WAS supposed to go to Erics house
and get new pics of me taken, but since this whole father
day thing poped up, Im not so sure anymore...damnit.
Oh! I saw Jesse the other day (muh Ex) He came over...we
talked a bit...He's put on some weight. He tried to get
frisky too...But we didnt do much...he was supposed to come
over the following day (last thursday i think) But once
again he stood me up. So, yeah. Guess i deserved it for
being so stupid to trust him again...
Im hungry.

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