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2003-06-14 18:50:16 (UTC)

So good so bad

Like Dev and her went on a trail ride and come back and
cuz I moved into the motor home at the barn I'm there
anyways. And suddenly she invites me over for supper and
then breakfast the next morning (she made banana pancakes)
and then she phones me at GW's and is like 'do you want
lunch?' so she brought me lunch and stuff too...but after
that nothing great has happened...she still ignores me and
whatnot and then she's like "you coming to the waterpark"
and I'm like "I don't think so" cuz I mean why would I
subject myself to getting at the movie...I
just don't see the point...I don't like groups as it is
and that just doesn't help...
And she thinks I'm mad at her cuz she never told me how
far away GW's was...and like yeah I'm annoyed with her cuz
she KNEW how far it was...she told me the other day it
takes 20min from her place and since it take me 10 min
from the barn to her place, GW's is OBVIOUSLY 30 min
away...and I can't wait for the end of the month...I'm
physically tired...I don't agree with so much that goes on
there...she's like "but it's fun" and I'm like "
it's not."
Let's just say she's being a complete cow lately and
although I'm super anti confrontation I have a feeling
that I might abandon that trait while I 'speak' with her...

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