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2003-06-14 17:08:42 (UTC)

Getting Them Home and More

Whew! John was working day shift Friday and this is the day
the dorms close, so it was up to me to get Owen and Gavin
and all their stuff home.

After we loaded up the van with Gavin's stuff we saw that
there was no way on earth that we could get Owen's stuff in
there too. Owen had a refrigerator, a desk chair, a
computer, monitor and printer plus all the usual
stuff--books, clothes, etc. We would need to make a second

While helping Gavin moved I overheard another student
talking to his RA. "My Dad can't come until 7 p.m. What
should I do?" The RA told him "Get a 'Room Occupied' form,
put it on your door and then come back at seven." Hmmm...
So this is what Owen did at his dorm.

We came home at 4 p.m., unloaded all of Gavin's stuff, the
guys kept their haircut appointments, we had dinner and then
we went back to Owen's dorm to load up all his stuff. Of
course, now most everyone was gone so I could find a parking
spot right in front of his dorm which made things easier.
We also had Hugh. Hugh and Gavin moved Owen's things while
Owen cleaned up his room so that the RA could check him out.
We were done in an hour. I also made a quick run to the
library and picked up books that were on hold for me.
John paid for a two day subscription to the archives of the
Toronto Star newspaper. He searched for my great
grandfather's name and got lots of hits. My
great-grandfather helped plan the town of Sturgeon Falls,
Ontario and was its first mayor. He was also an MP. I
loved some of the articles John has found so far. In one he
scolded some government officials for spending money calling
them "rascally". In another article he proclaimed that
Sturgeon Falls was "paradise on earth".

I'd been told by relatives that he was the only MP who voted
against Canada entering World War I and that it made
headlines. Interestingly, John's great-grandfather enlisted
in the Canadian Army during World War I and died as a result
of his injuries a few years after the war's end. We haven't
found that particular article yet but the search engine is
searching newspaper text and it seems to miss quite a bit.

Oh, and there was another article in 1916 which stated that
he was critically ill from appendicitis and that article
included a photograph of him I'd never seen before. It
didn't kill him. He lived until 1951 and died at age 98!

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