lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2003-06-14 07:17:49 (UTC)


the band...i'm not shouting should steal their
music..err..uhh i mean...
would you stay for one night?
if i didn't come home?
the end of a big fight
doesn't matter anymore
the point in my midlife
situation stands
but hours pass like years
wish you were here
wish you were here
did i open an old wound?
is there something i should know?

[wish you were here]

hope you come around
those lead to my house
i had a question for you
telling the truth
throws at the sound
outside a station
builds me up
it's all i can do
high as the moon
waiting for you
to come back to my room
all i can say
is show me some strength
come over please
your enemies
won't get to you
waiting to speak
days into weeks
come over please

[high as the moon]

i'm watching you fall from grace
breaking a heart of gold
don't ever try saving face
run with your heart of stone
it rains and pours in twos
i wonder if i'll come home
no strength left to battle you
run to the open arms
of anyone

[fall from grace]