Montana bound
2003-06-14 06:14:36 (UTC)

Right vs. Left

Okay, so shoot me, I'm probably going to give in to
Josiah's proposal. I can't sit around and wait for an
opening at CAL Ranch, I have to get a job ASAP, even if
it's fast food or Evil Mart. God knows I could do a lot
worse than Little Caesar's. I would really like to work at
CAL Ranch, but I don't see any employment opportunities
popping up in the near future.
I suppose the left half of my brain is finally
overruling the right. I REALLY want to work at CAL Ranch,
and I WAS willing to wait for an opening. I was sure one
would pop up soon. Now my logic has slapped me across the
face and shown me that I need money SOON, even it's minimum
wage with no benefits, free food or even discounts from
Little Caesar's.
Since I'm going to do Adult Ed., my options for
employment will hopefully open up. I'm not sure, but I
believe night school is an option if needed, so I can work
basically any time, then go to school, then sleep. Not
necessarily in that order, but you get the idea.
The simple fact of the matter is I'm going to need money
to get on with the plans I've made for myself, and sitting
around waiting for someone to quit or get fired from CAL
Ranch is not going to further those plans any. I hightly
doubt I'll be able to live on my own on Little Caesar's
wages, but at least I'll be able to establish some
semblance of independence, my driver's license and a car
being not the least parts of that.