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2003-06-14 02:32:09 (UTC)

An Evening Out

Okay, I'm a pretty easy going person. But. BUT. If we set
a time to be somewhere, I don't want to be waiting there
for you for half an hour. It would have been FINE to
say, "Hey, why not 8:30 rather than 8?" How hard is that?
Not very.

However, once we were all there, I had a really good time.
I love my friends, and the dynamic is going to change
after Liz leaves. :( It makes me so sad. But we were good
tonight. The conversation made its way from stolen bikes
to hospital visits to cats in heat. I haven't laughed that
hard in a long time. It was good.

Plus, I am sunburned, but I had a great time getting
sunburned and there 'ya go. Yay!