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2003-06-14 01:11:10 (UTC)

Basics for Thursday, June 12, 2003


** Laundry
** Bake peach cobbler

DINNER: Spaghetti and green salad

WHAT'S IN JOHN'S LUNCHBOX: Leftover pizza to microwave; a
ham sandwich with provolone cheese, sliced green peppers and
black olives; a slice of apple pie; chocolate chip cookies;
fruit salad; an apple, a nectarine and a banana; two
containers of iced tea and one of iced coffee

QUILTING: Worked more on Liberty Eagle quilt (large

WHAT I'M GRATEFUL FOR: White petunias

READING: The Foxes of Warwick by Edward Martson

WEATHER: Partly cloudy and cool with highs in the low 70s

SCHEDULE FOR TOMORROW: Hugh has his senior all nighter
tonight and graduation practice in the morning; go to
Corvallis and pick up Owen and Gavin

QUOTE: The song of the blackbird, like the song of a row,
is one of the songs in which summer is caputred and held as
on a phonograph record. ~Rural Free: A Farmwife's Almanac
of Country Living

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