mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2003-06-13 23:43:13 (UTC)

a new psychiatrist........

today I had my 1st appointment with my new shrink,
Dr.Davis. I have heard nothing but good things about him.
We had a long talk , he changed my meds around,and he wants
to see me back again in 1 month. he wanted me back sooner,
but 1 month was best his schedule would allow. He aggrees
that I need to be in gfamily therapy with my wife Lisa, and
he said that he would talk with my therapist and see if
there is anyway to get family therapy going sooner. The
counseling center where my wife and i go is terribly
overbooked and understaffed, but they tell my it is like
that everywhere, that mental illness is last thing that
gets priority in funding from govt. so it will get worse
before it gets better. I told Dr of my suicidal
thoughts,and he told me to hang on(hang on to what , I
don't know)that things will get better. I truly want to
believe that, and I want things to work out for Lisa and
I , I love her with all my heart and I dont know what I can
do to make her happy. I want this marriage to work, and i
swear i will die trying to make it work. I know that there
is a God and that He is watching over us, I just pray that
he don't turn His back when we need Him the most.