2003-06-13 19:51:48 (UTC)

Someone hacked my computer again,

And I'm pissed off as fuck. Every time I go to a chat room,
which I just realised, this pops out:

Amnesia Spring: -23/f/nj/pic
Amnesia Spring: -23/f/nj/pic

It's pissing me off. I stopped going to chat rooms a while
ago. My brother showed me this. The pic link goes to some
angelfire thing. There's no pic, but it's just a way to get
people to visit the syte I guess.

If I knew where this mother fucker is I'd kill him. No one
messes with my internet access. Damn bitch. There's
prabobly more to it. I didn't like the last time somebody
hacked into the system. We had a ton of viruses eventually
and had to get the whole thing removed and repaired. It
cost us a pretty penny. Now more of this shit is happening.
I don't want it to get worse.

Atleast they didn't start sending stuff from my e-mail
adress. Man this pisses me off. Atleast now I'm pissed off.
I'm doing something productive. I'm taking all my anger
that I have for not having a date, things going wrong,
anxiousness, anticipation, and bringing it out in curses on
that damned hacker. What a bitch.