2003-06-13 19:11:05 (UTC)

Prom tomorrow, still don't have a date, but...

Supposobaly, Kat knows the nicest guy in the world. She
sais he's her buddy. He's polish and go's to UIC with her
so my parents would approve. (Let's just leave out the fact
that he's got his own appartment as well.)

I found this out when we were at the mall yesterday. So she
calls him and gets his machine. She majorly
overexaggerates, but that's so okay. Hopefully I'll have
him as my date. I don't mind the fact that I don't know him
anymore since I realised I can't be very picky since prom
is TOMORROW. And I did buy the extra ticket for someone.

I still need to buy some stuff for my dress though. Like
the accessories. My mom sais I should buy something to put
over the dress since it will be cold. I don't care. I tell
her I have that thing that goes across the back. She sais
that's not enough. I personally don't care. I'll be inside
at prom. In a car not standing on a bus stop. Within the
few minutes or seconds it takes me to get into car, then
out to hotel, I can freeze my ass off all I want. It's not
like I'll be there for a long while. She'll be pushing for
that today since we're gonna go shopping. We better
atleast, cause I don't wanna go do that tomorrow. I intend
on sleeping. Then waking up and getting myself ready for

In other news, I'm still hyped about that guy. Gosh I kinda
would like to put his group picture in here. So you guys
could see what I meen. He stands out in any crowd, and he
beats stereotypes down so much by being in that group. I
love that about him. I've been checking out both his
personal picture and that group picture alot lately, and
I've come to a conclusion that he has a rather classy style
at times. Often times actually. I just really wish I would
have seen him in a tux for pictures. I guess he knows when
to dress nicely when it is needed, and doesn't complain.
Atleast I hope he doesn't. Damn I would of loved to see
that. Him in a suit, looking serious as he always does.
That sleek sophisticated look, with those spikes on the top
of his head. (Their red.)

I'm gonna go now. Too much emphasis on the same guy is not
good. Atleast not good in one day. I gotta do something
productive. Like clean my room, decide where to go prom
shopping, or go roller bladding.