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2003-06-13 16:38:05 (UTC)

when they really get to know you they will run

So tuesday (three days ago) my mom left for two weeks...
so now not only do i not have a real curfew, i have a car
and can basically do anythign i want... score! so far it's
been fun. nothing too big yet, just hanging out with the
usual crowd and a few new faces. variety is nice. the days
are kinda boring at the moment.. here's the breakdown...
brandon and pat got grounded yesterday cus they got
speeding tickets... brian works every weekday until 5, and
peter usually doesn't get up until 1ish and then usually
has some other obligation to do... so i'm pretty bored.
nothing new in the girl department, but i still have my
eye on that one. nothing to eventful really... no big
fueds or anything. The only reoccuring thing is... I used
to talk to one person about all my troubles and such. Then
not too long ago i became good friends with someone that
has really gone through what i am experiencing and they
have very good input and advice. since then occasionally
i'll try out that old person. just start talking serious
and stuff and it just goes to shit. when someone doesn't
know what it feels like or what someone else is going
through they just say what they think is right. or make
you feel like a complete ass. so i said fuck it. i dont
tell them shit anymore... but it's kinda one of those
things you do without realizing you're doing it. so every
now and then i get in these little arguements, but time
goes on. that's it