Steva's Life
2003-06-13 16:19:56 (UTC)

another day

So here we are on another day, Rachel came over last night,
and she brought me a little somthing witch i hadent had in
3 weeks witch was great! it was sooo nice, Jeff rachel and
i played red card drink it was so much fun!!! :-D and then
we did the other stuff, witch was so much fun! We had
gotten really drunk and it was fun, rachel can't drink so
she didn't drink anything and she was just there to have
some fun! But we hung out and then we decided to go out
side and walk around, and we walked to the pizza resturaunt
becuase there's a Phone booth that has a blue Print type
thing on it and its really trippy and fun! So then we
looked at that for a little while and then we started
walking back and Rachel went in to the Candy Store and got
chips and chocolate and we walked back to the apt.
We sat on the edge of the window sill out side the building
and ate the chips and candy and i was dieing to flirt with
alex who is our workman in he building but he's covering
for kenny who's our reg. Door man who works some nights,
and he's away so alex has been covering. And it was nice
because i have a reallly Big crush on him. So i liked it :D
Rachel and jeff wanted me to tell him that i liked him, but
i was to nervice to tell him, and then rachel was going to
tell him but i was so scared that he might not be gay or bi
or what ever. but i'd love to find out if he is in fact gay
or bi or str8. because he's kind of cute... but beauty is
in the eye of the beholder, or at least that's what i
then after a little while rachel had to leave so then jeff
and i went up stairs and we were watching Family Guy and
Futurama and then the other family guy, and jen came home
soon after futurama started, and then we hung out till
midnight and We all got ready for bed and went to sleep.

Along with yesterday afternoon jeff and i went to FAO shits
becuase i had to pick up somthing for my neice for her
birthday and so we ran in to people i knew and jeff knew in
the store along with Al who i'm semi working for heading up
the street team of his band. Witch is a fun task to do. he
was telling me thing about thing they're doing...the band
is really good ... if you want a copy of they're cd... i
can send it to you... they're a harder rock band. but
they're really good. they play out of brooklyn were working
on getting them to Manhatten becuase that would kick ass!

Now its today... and its another day. I'm seeing zanna
don't tonight, witch i'm really happy about! But i found
out yesterday that La Boheme, Zanna don't! The Play what i
wrote, are all closeing The play what i wrote is closing
this sunday, and the other 2 are at the end of the month,
they want to put zanna don't! on Broadway, but its not a
broadway type show, its so good where it is, Its a great
theater for it,and it just works, and La boheme is just
amazing, its such a good show, i just saw it 2 days ago for
the 2nd time and i want to try to get tickets to see it one
more time, because its so amazing i've cryed both times
that i saw it. and i know i'll cry again the next time i
see it :-)

Its an interesting experience spending time with rachel
becuase its been such a rocky road going along, with her in
the hospital and what not... and the friendship just went
down hill and the first time that i saw her after getting
out of the hospital i had no idea what to say to here... it
was really freeky. But she came over last night, and it
seemed to work. I do hope that we'll keep a friendship...
she's a really freeky person though, as Jen was saying last
night, Rachel has to begin to watch out for her self or
she's going to hurt her self becuase she went to a concert
a week or so ago, there was a huge line waiting to get in
to the cutting room, and rachel just walked to the front of
it and decided she was going to be the first person there,
and there was one person there and he's like unless you
move back then i'll kill you, and was all up in her face
and she tryed to fight back and she just didn't and walked
to the back of the line and jen saw this and was like what
the fuck is she thinking? i don't know. Rachel does have
to watch out for her self.... but who know's. I don't run
her life i can bearly run mine, so i should watch out for
them... because i can't help them. Unless they come to me
with a problem.

But who knows.

Then i have these thoughts running through my mind, about
NH and about NY, like when i was up there, Emily, and jane
were so great to me, they took me everywhere, and that ment
alot to me, as i was telling jane when i was there, i miss
these experiences, like i was never invited to the "pourch
partys", I was never invited to the movie nights, i was
invited to one by aaron becuase it was rocky horror, but
that was it. And I was never invited to go out and just do
what ever. So that's why i was bored in NH, and went
insaine becuase i had nothing to do, i just sat at the lake
i mean it was nice but not every day of my life. I mean i
threw party's and then i got nothing out of it. Like being
invited anywhere... but then when i was in NH, i was
invited to alot of stuff, like a movie at Emily's house,
with Shelby, Kevin, jane and my self and Em, and it was so
much fun because we started a movie and we decided to make
a fort in the living room, We did it over 4 chairs and
blankets and what not and it was fun... becuase we were
there... and Kevin fell asleep and emily went out side to
lay in the hammic and Jane had her head on shelby's lap and
I was just there... :-D lol.

I Mean i've come to relize that i am my own person, and
that's what makes jane and i so great, because we totally
different from anyone else, Like in styles of things and
jane and i are great becuase we can listen to any type of
music, and we can take a dull night and turn it in to
somthing fun together. Witch is great!

Well that's about all... off to do some things in the day :-
D lol riggggggggggggghhhhhttttttt...

i'll write more later :-*

-the diva

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