My Little World
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2003-06-13 15:31:39 (UTC)

Friday the 13th

Hell..o hehehe i am really hungry right now and i just
want this day to be overwith so i can go home! Allen is
coming over tomorrow and i am really really pumped! i cant
wait! Yeah last night when i was on the phone with him, i
hardly talked at all, and i've come to the conclusion that
i was extremly tired and sore from running the mile and
just from that week, it had been really really hectic and
stressful! each class is getting crazy because it was the
seniors last couple of days so everything was suppose to be
turned in and i was just freaking out....I wasnt myself
last night i and i know that... i think that he thought
that i was mad at him.....Well, i wasnt! I dont think that
i could ever stay mad at him for more than like 2 seconds!
hahaha! But i miss him so bad! that's why i am so pumped
about him coming up tomorrow!! im sooooo excited! I was
watching tv last night and there was a certain show on
about "True Life I've got Baby Mama Drama" it made me
think how glad i was that we decided on that "thing"
Because no matter how bad i want kids, (and i do and so
does he) We have decided that we are going to wait until
we are married. we both know that it is going to be hard
to wait, just for the fact that we are teenagers who are in
love! But we both know that it is the best for both of us
as a couple and by ourselves....So we only have 4 years to
wait, we can do it! I love him so much and i cant wait to
spend the rest of my life with him....
Yeah this was a pretty personal entry, so for all of you
reading out there, this is me....Enjoy!