My Little World
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2003-06-13 12:03:41 (UTC)


Yeah..I only have 4 days of school left and 4 days left of
public school.....That is kinda depressing because i wont
be able to see my friends next year and not as much as i
did this year....I hope that i dont lose touch with
anyone! Yeah I read your diary this morning Lauren, i just
about started to cry! i am going to miss you so much its
not even funny! ¬°Usted es mi mejor amigo Lauren! You will
have to come over and jump on my trampoline and swim in the
pool with me!!! hahaha!
Well All, i have to go! i am going to go home, Talk to the Love
of my life...Email my friends little notes, and eat! hehe! Later

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