This is my crappy life
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2003-06-13 06:25:43 (UTC)

Forever Long Ago

Wow Its been forever since I have written in here. mom
crashed the computer so now I have to sit on this crappy
labtop while my cats sits in my typing way...good she
moved...ok well so far my life is peachy there is a
Indorphine concert today (seeing as though its 2:30 am) its
going to be great. Even though Auzzie and Jay are going to
be there n none of my friends like austin and none of my
friends like jay and they all want to beat them up...joy
right?? this is going to be an interesting concert...well
whats new with me...I am still happily with My Ron I love
him so much and its going to suck when I have to go away
for a few weeks with Dave up to pynsalvania. I am gonna
miss him so much. I was talking to my neighbor and it
seems as though I have the perfect relationship. her n her
boyfriend and her roommate they are alwayz fighting with
their guys. Me n Ron have only had one fight and it wasn't
a big one...and it was over in 5 minutes. I feel bad for
everyone else. I hardly ever fight with my boyfriends.
But this guy is different I love him to death and would do
anything for him. ok well I just wanted to write an entry
before I lost my diary cause I haven't used it in a while...

KT n Ron

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