The Nine Faces of Dave
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2003-06-13 05:40:31 (UTC)

murphy wasn't quite right, but he came close

Starting song:
Kate Bush & Peter Gabriel - Just Another Day in 1977

Given the events of the past week, I've come up with my own
variation on Murphy's Law. It's not quite so pessimistic as
the original, but it maintains the spirit. So here it is,
Dave's Law we'll call it:
"Any resolved difficulty will be quickly replaced by another
so as to maintain equilibrium."

Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush - Don't Give Up

It's funny; back when I felt like crap and was all messed up
in the psyche, I had minimal problems with my machines. In
some respects, they were the only dependable elements in my
life. And now that I'm feeling pretty good, technology has
begun to create problems. First there was the problem with
the hard drive in the other machine, and now my video card,
supposedly very good, has begun causing crashes. My friend
suspects a driver issue, and he may well be right. I'm just
trying to figure out how to fix it. Weird that these issues
should arise now; I guess I was just too happy, eh?

Cat Stevens - Peace Train

I went running today with my dad, and concluded that I'm not
in good enough shape to run, at least not yet. But I think
I'll keep running, because even though I'm sore and tired at
the end, it does feel pretty good in the process. If I can
start running regularly, I'll be able to progress even more
quickly in my weight loss plan. Plus it'll probably be more
fun than using the exercycle in the basement. Unless I get
really clever, however, I won't be able to watch movies like
I do in the basement.

Steely Dan - Bad Sneakers

I actually got some feedback the other day, correcting me on
my initial guess about Paganini's era. Seems he's from the
Romantic era, and was apparently an excellent violinist. I
have to say, I really enjoyed the CD of his works that I was
listening to the other day. There were a couple of sonatas
for violin and guitar that I particularly enjoyed, but maybe
that's just my bias towards guitar.

Talking Heads - Road to Nowhere

In other news, my good mood began to break down last night,
as I was hit with some self-doubt and a bit of despair. I'm
not sure what brought it on; I haven't been reading my high
school yearbook or anything like that, so I don't think any
bad memories would have been conjured up. So far it hasn't
affected my mood any, but we shall see. If nothing else, a
renewal of my depression might give me some better material
for this diary. I realize my last few entries have been a
little lacking, but I can't help it. I'm just feeling too
good to write decent ventings.

Steely Dan - My Old School

It's a bit troubling to think that the only time I can write
decent rants and musings is when I'm really depressed. I'd
like to have something decent the rest of the time, but it's
just not coming to me right now. It could be mostly a lack
of experience; after all, I haven't been happy all that much
in the last year and a half, so it's a bit of an unfamiliar
feeling. Though I suppose I should enjoy it while it lasts,
because something is bound to come up.

Whatever the case, despite my technological difficulties, my
good mood has not yet abandoned me. Though another funk is
probably just down the road.

And I end this surprisingly short post listening to:
The Refreshments - King of the Hill Theme

This is Dave, signing off.