Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
2003-06-13 05:33:11 (UTC)

the library

I went to the library, and checked out "Catcher in the
Rye", "Aeneid", and some other book, having to deal with
the evolution of our "spirit"... "Catcher" is interesting
so far, but it's something that i've seen in movies and
stories already, so i gather that they are mere copies of
this original...Impaled by beauty...aren't we all? and if
we are not, why deprive ourselves...?

Checked out "Aeneid" because i remember my high school
honors english teacher mentioning something like, "...he
(me) could be the next Virgil..." I always got a kick out
of that comment, and now, after 15 years, i'm actually
going to find out a little more about Virgil...

I've been reading a lot about creationism and evolution,
religion and science, and just get a kick out of it all...
what if our capacity for belief is flawed, and not perfect,
what then? we're screwed, so just leave at that, lol....
God, created the heavens, and the earth, and ourselves, but
in the spirit world, where anything's possible... but in
the physical world, we are under separate rules--strict,
well-defined rules...our minds are more than capable of
following the seemingly rigid logic that the physical world
provides, so don't get all upset if bible-thumping jebediah
starts throwing the Word at you, trying to upset your
belief systems, providing you with illogical alternatives
to what the real world loves, instead... who's to say that
the mechanical world does not blur with the ephemeral world
at some almost seems so at the subatomic level,
where everything is blurry....and forms disintegrate into the beginning, there was only
substance... Rational minds need the precursor, the cause,
the before, whereas our irrational minds love the now, the
moment... Does the poet utilize his/hers rational mind in
constructing his/hers poems... Maybe to a sweet degree,
but idunno... If God exists, then he is a jolly old
fellow, designing our minds with a fatal imperfection, and
that is hubris in our own deductive reasoning, lol...