taking heed

slightly exaggerated
2003-06-13 03:53:46 (UTC)

I just got back from the BARley Mow.....

alright, so i just got home from the local bar. we' were on
the porch under the stars and mooml;ight. It started off as
a small crowd, but before long there were 8 or 9 people at
our table. A small table as well, which made the whole
event into quite an ordeal, but we were able to pull it
off. So i bet everyone is looking and waoiting for the
gorey details. Well to you people i say, you must wait for
a long time because ion fact there are none of those. theis
entry is rated G. So we were all theree and i had qu-ite a
few beers but the whole tiume whiule people were talking
about cars and golf i was only thinking about one thing.
yes only one thing. I finished up my beers, looked at my
balloned tab. (money i really dont have of course) and then
i waited for my dumb waitress to finally show up so i could
pay. she took too long for my liking. so we got out of that
establishment and here i am. wow. you would think as a
drunk dude i woulsd offer more specific and genrally rude
details, hmm... ok, I am now finished. stay tuned for
entries that make more intellectual sense.