Life In Munchkin Land
2003-06-13 03:43:23 (UTC)

So my life sucks..

So once again just as Im actually happy with life..things
turn around suddenly leaving me in a cloud of overwhelming
dust...I cant believe after giving five months of my ife to
one person he ends it without any bit of reason for his
bailing out on me..I loved him I really did, I thought he
loved me too but I guess not...well schools over summers
here..ahh..time for life to suck again..Last sunday was
pretty cool i hung out with alex and brandon...ive started
to realize ppl from outside of miff are much better to hang
with..I love my shik bro alex hes been there for me through
a lot of shit and i love him so much for that..being an
only child hes givin me a lot of encouragement that i dont
get from being alone in life...hes stood by me through thick
and thin...and ill always be here for him to! Lets think
here what else about me should i write this time......hm
well i dont know other than i dont really get the point of
life anymore i hate change oh yea im a senior now and that
is pretty flippin scary considering just yesterday i was a
freshmen..man does time fly by......