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2003-06-13 02:43:18 (UTC)

More on the guy I'm admiring from a far...

He's hot, ofcourse. But besides that, all this is brought
up cause we got our yearbooks today. And my friend told me
his last name. So I had to check out his picture from the
beggining of the school year. It was a little different.
His hair slightly different made his face look prolonged
but still very serious, stern, looking right at you. Even
in his picture he stood out. I love that about his look.

So I was flipping through the pages some more. I got to the
clubs section and saw All For Christ at the top of the page
with him and his spikes right in the middle of the club
picture. I was shocked. Who knew that he's religious. I
mean, he has to be if he went to the picture taking and
that's the only other picture he was in. So I automatically
call Alina. I'm so glad I still had her number. She told me
that she wasn't there all the time. Eventually she stopped
coming and she told me that he was a very active member in
the club.

Go figure, we have more things in common. The constent
fashion thing, with the glove like style, the spikes, (and
I love his style, he prabobly doesn't care for mine. I'm
pretty sure he doesn't notice me at all. Ofcourse he
doesn't. I don't stand out like him. I think he hangs with
preppy girls. I love his defiance of stereotypes.) Which is
another thing we have in common. And now the religion
thing. I'm pretty sure he's not into theatre though. I am.

I better meet him soon. Atleast I want to. More
specifically, Yesenia and some of her friends are going to
the beach, so I think his best friend is gonna be there,
and what are best friends for then to hang with? So I hope
he'll be there so I can meet him. And check him out with
less clothes on, and he can check me out. But first I wanna
trade in my tank top top for a bikini top. I like my swim
suit, don't get me wrong, but I just wanna get a tan, and
have my first real bikini top. I never thought of myself
slim enough before. Now I am. Because of international days
I guess. I'm gonna go now. I should get to sleeping.


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