*Jill's Thoughts*
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2003-06-13 02:08:26 (UTC)

It's June! *No SchOoL*

I haven't wrote in such a long time, and i wanted to.

Me and Tyler broke up around Easter =[.

We've both made so many mistakes and i still love him. He
had sex with Sarah Parchem... someone who's supposed to be
my friend. Well atleast i found out ya that she's not. I
had sex with Aaron too tho ..

We've been just being friends and it's been going pretty
good. I wonder if we will be together again I'm not sure
if that is a good idea even though I love him with all of
my heart =].

My Job @ subway has been going really well I like it! I'm
getting my license finally in about 2 weeks I'm so EXCITED!
I hope i pass! I better have a car. Well I will try to
write back by the end of the summer haha!


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