Montana bound
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2003-06-12 20:42:00 (UTC)

Win or lose

That's it, I'm through sitting on the side lines. I
don't expect to have a blowout or anything, in fact I
realize it's all too possible I'll lose this game, but I
won't brook a draw anymore.
I don't know if Jessica's interested in me, but
regardless, I'm sorry to her, because I've got to place her
second in line.
I can't go through another Alyssa experience. I forbid
myself to hide in the shadows of insecurity any longer.
Even if I'm rejected, I won't be just fine, but I will have
the knowledge that I tried, that I overcame my fear and
took hold of life.
I will NOT let Allison slip away like I did Alyssa. I
will either win or lose, I will NOT accept a draw.