a poetic Heartº
2003-06-12 17:46:34 (UTC)

Truth Be known

To let the truth be known
I think I would stay
I know exactly who you are
I would never really go away

Who does these things have to be so complicated
Why cant we just be one
Everything is against us
Because of past mistakes we have done

I wish I could be stronger
I wish I knew what to do
I don’t think I have told you lately
But I really do love you

I cry myself to sleep every night
Because I know I cause you pain
So much stuff has went so wrong
Most we can never change

I place my ring back on my finger
And I know It feels right
I just cant stand to lie
And its just so hard to fight

To let the truth be known
You still own my heart
Im just so confused
And I cant stand being apart

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