my diary that i write in when im bored,
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2003-06-12 16:35:50 (UTC)


holy crap! i was just reading over some of myt old entrys
and wow i wrote soooo much stuff thats wrong! dag. first,
shadowlands is about CS LEWIS not beethovan! and second
dude i was reading "im listening to matchbox 20, irish. i
love that song" and i blurted out, out loud THAT IS NOT
like WHAT THE HECK! i am so smarter then that in music lol.
yea but then i had to double check lol. so ne way. before i
wrote all this i had something else written, and i was
booted offline for some odd reason, so now ill jut copy
paste what i had here.
- tomorrow im helping with vbs publicity for our church,
then, ill be out wiht mom then im going ot amys. and we're
leaving. saturday morning. i wont be back... untill sunday
a week later. and you know who im going to miss most?
Kenny. kennys my buddy and the person i talk to most. well
besides amy(and God) but im gonna be with them so. isnt
that sad that he is that person who i talk to most and is
one of my best friends and i dont even know him. but he's a
great friend.. i tell him too much ha. i dont care though.
we talk a lot about everything(EVREYTHING hahahah) i love
kenny. he's my kenny -.- DUDES i saw bre last night!! ok
bre was this girl who lived here and went to gpcc(church)
and her dad got custody of her, and her dad lives in
freakin FLORIDA and this is virginia and it was sooo sad
because we all love her to death. but she's visiting her
mom for a month and YAY im so glad!!! it was great seeing
her.makes me happy. any way i need to go and EXERCISE.
because even tho steph says no i say YES my legs need it.
lol. i honestly dont care too much about my upper body its
toned enough for me. but my lower body? heck i hate it.
every female ive met hates something about them self. i
have never met one who doesn't. ever. any way im gonna go
WORK on my body problem ok see thats the right thing to do
instead of talk about it, ok lol bye.

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