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2003-06-12 03:07:56 (UTC)

Test on Sunday for job on gov - every people is a champion

I will make a test on Sunday to get a job on gov.
To be a typewriter on Justice department of my country.
I am good and is a good job for me. I could make it since
two years ago. Somethings are good for me and other just to watch. Every people is good to be champion on something.
Who passed all life working and studying to be winner of
whose category. I am good to study and pass on tests.
Other people are good to build a kite that flies well.
Some people are good to spend time with others.
They know how to build a conversation.
I can compare text with knowledge and solve problems and
ask questions very well.
Hej good luck for me and good days for you and all family
and best friends and pets and plants and bugs : )
Remember little bugs that make company all years.
May not be tomorrow but someday I will be Saturday night.
And Sunday I will get ride on my own and be the champion
with a prize. Remember champions need a prize to show and
inspirate people.
Oh yeah Thank you very much by reading so ilustrative and
cultural entry book.
Today will be Friday on 12th day of June 2003. It is Valentine day on my country. And next day is Saint
Antonio day that is a wedding saint like San Valentin.
Good days : )

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