things running through my mind.
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2003-06-12 04:14:06 (UTC)

Lets see... o i found out..

Lets see... o i found out earlier in the year wen i started
talkin to downer that he liked me but he would call other
ppl and ask if i was gunna b places with them so that he
could see which i think is pretty funny... cuz i would
never hear any of these plans until i talked to brandy or
bryan about how he called them askin if i wanna gunna b
with them. Also i guess that mike doesnt liek me at all ne
more wow this whole year pasted me by with a guy likin me
and i never talked to him... crazy i kno i should of but im
not the kinda person to go up and talk to a guys first...
but hey i did get to know zach who is a funny messed up kid
and Ricky who i kinda started to like.. the i realized he
acts liek taht with everyone.. so im trying to realize
that. Also i talk to ryan off and on.. and they were the
ppl that tried to hook me up wiht mike... so w/e.. THen
Ricky would always come up to me and hug me and call me
hott but he calls every girl hott so i tried not to fall
for him just bcuz of that but its hard im not good at that.
Buti am good at not tellin any one which still no one knows
bout me likin him.Lets see i would even walk out of my way
just to go see him... or go get nuthin out of my locker so
i could pass him and have him say hi to me.Is that bad?then
on the last week of school i barely go to see him... and i
was sad. Then on the last day he gave me a hug and sed he
would miss me but its just a thing u kno that ppl just
say... so i was just thinkin w/e hes not gunna talk to me
the i saw him as i was standing out side waitin for brandy
and i was like wanna get in apic wiht me and then guess
what i find out i have no more film left .. inside i wanted
to cry cuz i really wanted a picture of him and me. Then
that week i was depressed and in a bad mood think ill have
no ways to remember him and he doesnt care to talk to me..
i meanmy mom even asked if i was depressed or wut was wrong
with me. Then monday comes and soccer was ok.Then i came
home slept and went online and my whole day just changed
kristin invited me to her sleepova which was a ton of
fun..eatin talkin bout tatu and being a lesbien then playin
sharaids and actin out all the crazy eights just cuz we
dont like them even tho im friends with usm of them it was
really alot of fun being wiht all those girls then makin
our crazy lil movie... and acting like we were 2... u gotta
luv being a kid. then talkin with kim and erika and stay
upstairs while all the other planned bout how they were
gunna sneek out and who was gunna go to tp the 8s houses..
but no one ended up goin. Then we watched Dirty Dancing and
we all really wanted to see the sex scene but they didnt
show it so we had to watch them dancing ova and ova... it
made u wanna get a man and start dancing with him... its
just so romantic to dance and then have sex. kristin is one
funny girl.then i also did erikas hair which looked cute
and everyone liked it wen i did kims hair.i got talent!
Then i slept for a lil bit wen i woe up anthony marzilli
was there and i was like whoa where did u come from. And of
course kristin was happy... but it just made me feel sad.:(
then i found out josie and jess went out to their car to
sleep cuz we were too loud or sumthing? bu tthen me kristin
kristen and kt tried to get to sleep but that didnt last
long....soo i as up agina dn me and britt decided to go and
scary josie and jes but wen we get up there they start to
drive away... and we didnt even walk out the door. then it
was me britt erika kim and reimz that were up till the
forever hours.. just messing arund and talkin it was crazy
finally i was like i wanna sleep after fightin for the bed
and the blanket and clappin.. thinkin that megan was gunna
walk in and scare us.. so it was me and erika on the bed
tryin to sleep but u kinda cant wen meg and britt jump on
the bed and yell every other minute. then i woke up and ppl
were leavin... i helped clean up and then we went up stairs
to eat and talk... i wasnt awake for the part wen ppl
wentout to eat and ran after ppl to the bus stops to make
fun of them cuz they have school.(too bad) Then kt got a
call that her Gpa died i felt so bad but i didnt wanna
crowd her cuz kris and duh were already there. then the way
home was kinda quiet we stoppe by Ga to give her mom
sumthing and i saw my sis and i swang on the swings i miss
recess soo much and all the lil kids.. it was just fun
being back in my past. then i left and we went back to kts
and chilled then to practice after no sleep. and of course
the day i had gotten no sleep and didnt match at all.. they
come to video tape our practice.. yay! neways.. i was a
mess and not playin so good! the i went home and tried to
sleep and then me i was up and out again wiht brandy and
bryan to see Italian job which pimped me up and made me
wanna ride in a car super fast and break all the
laws. "money" and "crime" wa wa! after. i went home....
but anyways.. things taht made my day turn around on monday
also was that ricky imed me ... and it lifted my heart he
actually did care to talk to me.... and i really wanted to
kno how he got my sn but i didnt ask. but then it kinda got
annoyin cuz he kept callin me hot and i dont believe him so
i hate wen he does that...and of course wen he ses by hes
lik i gtg im at novaks which means mike was there.. i wish
that mike would talk me tho.. just to see wut hes like.But
then later i found out that the sn was kevins so i cant IM
him i have to always wait for him to im me cuz i dontkno if
its him or kev and i never talked to kevin b4.... so i
cant im him... and he always asks wen are we gunna hang out
and i really really wanna hang out with him that bout it!.
besides alot of ppl asked bout my game and wants to go to
the states and im happy!... i cant wait and i like wen ppl
talk to me

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