Hannah Rose Cherry

Hannah's Screwed life(go figure)
2003-06-11 23:38:28 (UTC)


this week has been so fucking hard so far. my moms outta
towm tho so it dims things down a bit. my dad on the other
hand hase to take over now and he's gettin real crazy with
exams. he's like been watching me study to make sure i am
and all...it's so annoying so i just go in my room and
pretent i'm studying and really stare at the wall for a
while with my notebook in my hand. and i'm feeling much
better since i had surgery on thursday. i went back to the
doctor and it was so gross he was pulling all this extra
cartalige out of my nose it was disgusting hahahaha. i
think ive lost my Sublime cd and i'm really pissed becuase
i listened to it a lot and i keep wanting to buti cant
becuase it's gone!!!!!I'm swimming for the 1st time in like
a month this weekened for time trials and i'm really exited
about it becuase i havent swam in sooo long. i gt get back
into shape b4 i get any fatter!!! I havent been writing as
much as i used to ive just been i dunno....stressed, buisy
i dunno. i just feel bad that i havent been writing many
poems becuase my style has changed for the better i think
and i like what ive been writing much more. I dont think
mrs. Shipp liked story i wrote, well....she never likes
anything iw rite for that matter i can tell by when she
gives it back to me she makes this weird face that i hate.
she can tell i hate her and she pushes it with me but
lately i could care less i jsut want to get out of school
so badly!!! I cannot wait till summer, ive got a job lined
up, swim team is gonna be awsome, the new house will be
aight, i think i might havea hott neighbor i'll have to see
about that hah, camp will be cool maybe i dunno, i'll get
to hang with a bunch of my friends, but ir eally wanna just
leav most shit beheind. i wanna leav a lot fo ppl beheind
too, people i know i never should have even been friends
with in the 1st place becuase there too dense, too immature
or just "UCH!" Me and lisa are going to this concert to
support the west memphis 3 tomorrow and if u don know what
that is look it up! it's gonna be fun i guess...lots of
local bands i dunno at this club place, it'l be nice to get
out, then on frieday lisa come home with me to get ready
for the dance and were going compleatly goth. I dunno why,
but like when i was goth for a while ppl hated me for it
and for some reason i cared what they thought and stopped
even though i was goin with it since 6th grade. but i
stopped anyway becuase it freaked ppl out, i dunno why it
mattered so much but it did but now i'm gonna freak
evoryone out at the dance with lisa it'l be fun i guess.
black is good, it showes no particullar mood to me, makeing
it easier for ppl to get to know you, or me i should
say.well i'm wrapping this up ive gotta lot to do for
music-Maralyn Manson:"mOBSCENE"