Lets talk about life
2003-06-11 22:15:32 (UTC)


hey everyone i am just chillin with soem fo my friends
paintin and shit.. yea i dont have a life that much anymore
i am just chill with my sister jackie on the weekends and
my boyfriend who is gay and is readin over my shoulder
right now.. he also just kissed my neck tryin to get me
horny..but it aint workin..anyhoo..yea i am bored as shit
and i cant wait till this saturday cuz i am goin to have
fun..yea...u guys all have to come down to pennsylvania and
find and go out and do shit with me... i mean people say
where i live is bornin but when it is night time and that
is when i am mostly out it is fun as shit..everyone i know
goes where i go to have fun and chill...dude this is cool i
have white paint on me but i dont care i am a gurl that be
doin shit guys normally work on cars and shit i am
a badass mother fucker that loves sex....anyhoo..i
g2g..peace out homies..