Bruce Wayne

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2003-06-11 21:49:43 (UTC)

Absence and the Angry Guy

Wow, I've been away for a long time. I think about
completing entries and don't get back to it.I think there's
some avoidance behaviors going on here. Things have been
unsettled to say the least.

Robyn has gone ahead with legal action to get the unpaid
child support taken care of. This may come back to bite her
in the tail. In a bit of a retaliatory move Scott has
decided to fight for custody of Kyle. As far as I'm
concerned...he can have him. It's unfortunate that things
have turned out the way they have. Scott has treated this
ill prepared kid, as thought he were an equal player in all
of this. He isn't . He is a child, and an extremely naieve
one at that. Scott has shared so much information with him
about the dealings between he and Robyn, from a biased
point of view. He has effectively poisoned her relationship
with Kyle. In the short term Robyn takes the his as her
relationship with Kyle suffers. In the long term Kyle

Although he only looses if he can live up to the potential
that he has with in himself. He may live there with Scott
and Big Red and fit right in and aspire to be nothing more
than them as a human being. He feels som protectiveness
over Scott, which is sad coming from a 14 year old. I can't
imagine telling my tale of woe to this immature 14 year
old. I suppose it is the easiest way to his heart though.
Once again...he acn have him. This kid, because of his
father, has become a miserable human being, and I'd rather
not spend my time with him.

I have suggeated a compromise situation of shared custody.
Some of that is strictly financial. I would rather not
worry about getting the child support from them, but on the
other hand I won't stand by quietly to pay them support. I
will become the nastiest Son of a Bitch on earth to fight
that. I will force Steve to testify to the things he has
said about his brother, I'll bring Frank into this, I'll
call Alex into the game. She'd love to have a final crack
at stupid ass Scott. It's become a sad situation. I will
act as civilized as possible to resolve it in a compromise,
if they resist , I won't rest till they rue the day I
entered their lives. A bit petty , but sometimes fighting
fire with fire is the only way to go.

I hatee the fact that I'm becomming the "Angry Guy" over
these insects, but in the end they will be sorry if things
don't turn out the way I want them to.