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2003-06-11 21:37:29 (UTC)


I'm sad. Mad. and extremly disapointed. I went to jess's
grad it was great. But I never went to dry grad. that made
me sad. not because i wanted to watch jess all night, we
arent together anymore, but because i wanted to have an
experience like that. i mean dry grad was i guess so much
fun, and i dont get anything like that for my grad. i guess
i am just being selfish. oh well. it was my choice to drop
out and i guess this is just another downfall about my
choice. work is going alright. i guess. i miss jess alot. i
hate living alone but i hope that i can get her working
this weekend. i miss dani and not doing things and talking
to her online. i havent heard from julia and it scares me.
i miss her too. i miss my mom, and next week, a week from
today, is my GRAD!!!! its just not as exciting anymore
though. no one seems to care. everyone made a big deal of
jess grading, but everyone keeps forgetting about me. no
one has asked me anything or nothing. oh well. i dropped
out and thats my own fuck up. i'm heading back to the
camper now. the hole where i belong.

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