thats absurd
2003-06-11 19:51:08 (UTC)

Thin Jimmy

I have had to cokes today. I will soon be re writing notes
for LORD OF THE FLIES, ashley kicked Jen in the leg. Now
she is talking about her pants...look like regular pants to
me. I disected a fetal pig. We named it Elton (as in
John). We should have named it Jude (like the Beatles
song). I miss him. he was a good pig. We would sing and
talk and remember the good old days hanging out at the
Villiage Green,
engineer boots, leather jackets and tight blue jeans,
do some stuff,
sing a song about New Orleans,
Cool beer,
Hot mikes,
those sweet romantic teenage nights.
That is a song by billy joel, or at least a part of it
called Scenes from a italien resteraunt.

It is a good song.

Good bye