Jan's Life
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2003-06-11 19:19:22 (UTC)

~*~ SuMmEr ~*~

Well Summer's here finally! The year went by sooo fast! I
can't believe it! It's kindda sad :( Well.. this is the
second week of summer and so far it's been awesome! Even
tho I do have vball, I'm gettin a work out, wakin up early
to make it seem longer, and my weekends are usually so
full! I'm takin drivers ed too.. it's not that bad
actually! I'm an okay driver! :D Well.. I met this guy..
Ryan Miller. I'm really not sure what I want right now
tho. He's really sweet but he hasnt had much experience,
so I feel like I'm in charge of everything, and I like the
guy to be in charge! I think I'm just gonna take it slow
and fiugre out if I want to be in a relationship or not. I
mean it's summer.. I want to have fun! haha.. like last
weekend! Me, ash, mal, mal, and linds all went to kavan
and ryan, kavan, brantlyn, and kory B were there. Me ryan
kavan and mal wanted to play euchre so we decided to play
while the others played kemps. Then.. all of a sudden,
Kavan had one of his "ideas". We decided to play STRIP
euchre. We started playin and me and mal were losing. I
was so nervous but yet excited! I was actually doin
sumthin CRAZY! Well.. Me and mal were in our underwear and
bra and we made a comeback. Ryan was just in his boxers
and kavan had shorts and boxers, then I won and ryan was
supposed to take his pants off but I called it off. lol.. I
didn't want to see it! It would just make me feel weird
everytime I hung out with him. Well... hard to believe but
I don't think I'll ever get over Tyler. He was just
everything I needed and wanted. He definatly brought out
the best in me. Oh well.. I'll eiher have to wait for
him.. or just go on with my life but still always have him
in my heart. It's almost like a... curse! I can't believe
I'll be a sophomore.. He'll be a junior.. that means I'll
only have this year or next to get to know him! Ugh! I
just want another chance.. closure or something! Well...
enough about that! This year I played vball and tennis.
It was really fun, expecially tennis. I think I finally
found MY sport! None of my friends really play, except
Mal, and she's alright, but I'm definatly the best freshman
tennis player. It feels so good to be the best. I got the
Most Promising player award! My record was 12-1... with
tounrey's but without.. I finished 10-0. :D... Im so
proud... Well.. I hafta go to vball camp! Ill try to write
once in awhile! BYE

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